Boost your productivity with our office life hacks

We’ve all done it – stared out of the window for hours when we should be working. Or get distracted by our general surroundings, finding it hard to get in the right frame of mind to crack on.

It’s all too easy to be distracted, so here are a few office life hacks that could boost your productivity, and create a healthy working environment.

Schedule time for emails
When you really need to get something done, it’s very easy to be distracted by emails popping up at the bottom of your screen. The best way to avoid this is to turn off email for a set amount of time, and only check it during scheduled times.

You’ll need to remove desktop notifications, but it’s worth it. If something is likely to arrive in your inbox that’s so urgent that you need to look at it immediately, suggest someone gives you a call instead.

Stand up every hour
Lots of people wear a watch now that records steps and might even remind them to move every hour. This is a useful bit of technology – stretching legs even for a moment helps concentration.

Moving away from your desk briefly will also give your eyes a rest from screen time. So, stand up to get a drink and stare out of the window, even if it’s just for a few seconds.

Tidy up
Don’t just tidy the pens and papers, organise the wires that trail behind and under your desk. You might not think it but facing a tangle of wires can create a stressful environment. It’s also dangerous.

If you don’t want to invest in proper clips and wire trays, use a few bulldog clips. These can attach wires to table legs or the back of a desk.
Buy a plant

Many studies have proven that surrounding ourselves with natural materials and plants (the biophilia hypothesis) can create a calm atmosphere. A plant is also a portable, simple way to brighten up a desk and make it feel like your own.

Top tip: choose a plant that doesn’t need much watering. Or your plant could quickly become a burden!

Get the right headphones
Although we all want to spend time with colleagues, sometimes concentrating is essential. This is where noise-cancelling headphones come into play. Today, a whole range of Bluetooth headphones are available that can make a huge difference.

These aren’t just useful when you need to focus, either. In a busy room, they will make all the difference if you’re trying to hold a video call.

Drink water
This sounds obvious, but it’s very easy just to drink cups of tea and coffee all day. We don’t even notice we’re dehydrated until the end of the day and the headache sets in.

Consider putting hourly markers on a water bottle to give yourself a target to drink water throughout the day.

Space for all
At Blueprint, we offer a range of spaces to suit a variety of individual requirements; from secure, private office suites for when you need those quiet moments of calm, to hot desks, co-working desks and breakout areas when you need a more dynamic environment.

Our venues also have a welcoming, light and airy atmosphere, with a strong focus on community and collaboration leaving you free to concentrate on being the best version of yourself.

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