Why your office layout is important

A great office layout boosts productivity. It gives people the space they need to concentrate, as well space to collaborate or have some time out.

The wrong office layout can have the opposite effect. People find it too noisy or don’t have the space they need to concentrate. A breakout area can be unappealing if well considered, which results in staff eating their lunch at their desks.

We’ve got a few ideas about how to get it right – and all of this is possible in our serviced office buildings.

How many desks?
Consider how many team members are likely to be in the office each day. Will everyone be in? Or will there be a steady rotation?

If people will only be in the office part of the time, consider having enough desks for a proportion of your team, with the expectation that others can use a hot desk area. This limits the risk of having empty desks for much of the time, which might damage team atmosphere and morale.

Space for a change of scene
Our serviced offices all include shared amenities and common areas that occupants can use. However, some people might benefit from a dedicated breakout space within their own office. They might want space to read a document in detail, for example, or to spread out documents on a table.

This will also encourage people to take a break from their computers. Many studies have shown that taking a break, to eat lunch or speak to colleagues, is beneficial to productivity and mental health.

Integrate technology where possible
It’s dangerous to have wires trailing across the floor or under desks, but it is also unattractive. Badly arranged technology can create a feeling of chaos.
Integrate technology into tables where possible and locate items that need to be plugged in as close to sockets as you can.

Be mindful of noise
Printers, coffee machines, the sink – make sure you don’t put one desk near all these things as it will become the seat to avoid. Either spread out noisy items or keep them away from desks intended for concentration.

You could consider wall panels to absorb noise. These can also serve to breakup the space and provide a bit of privacy for those who need to keep their head down.

If in doubt, Feng Shui
Feng Shui is all about balancing energy in a room, so why not bring it to your office? As well as suggesting positions for chairs and desk, the practice suggests introducing plants and natural materials. This is all proven to have a positive impact on wellbeing.

Space for all
At Blueprint, we offer a range of spaces to suit a variety of individual requirements; from secure, private office suites for when you need those quiet moments of calm, to hot desks, co-working desks and breakout areas when you need a more dynamic environment.

Our venues also have a welcoming, light and airy atmosphere, with a strong focus on community and collaboration leaving you free to concentrate on being the best version of yourself.

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