Gems Hygiene

Gems Hygiene joined Landing Pad, our flex workspace solution at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, in December 2023. We caught up with Sales Manager, Paul Campbell to find out what makes Gems Hygiene unique and what it means to be based at Landing Pad.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your role and how long you have been with the business.
My name is Paul Campbell, and I've been part of Gems Hygiene for 28 years. My primary responsibilities include training, motivating, and overseeing our sales team, ensuring we achieve our goals and maintain our high standards of performance.

Tell us a little bit about what Gems Hygiene does and what makes you so unique.
Gems Hygiene specialises in supplying a comprehensive range of wholesale cleaning and maintenance products across the nation. We cater to diverse sectors including schools, hotels, football stadiums, hospitals and hospitality. Our unique understanding of the marketplace, coupled with our commitment to quality, sets us apart.

Tell us a bit about how the team. How many people do you employ?
Our team consists of 11 dedicated professionals in various roles. Although we have had over 50 staff members in the past, a strategic decision was made in 2012 to streamline our team. This restructuring has allowed management to dedicate more time and effort towards strategic business development and maintaining high levels of service quality.

What initially attracted you to Landing Pad at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park?
We were drawn to the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park's Landing Pad due to its spacious and open layout, vibrant atmosphere and excellent connectivity.

How are you finding the space at Landing Pad?
Transitioning to Landing Pad has been a positive move for us. We're thoroughly pleased with the space and the opportunities it presents.

How has our innovation ecosystem helped you/your business?
The innovation ecosystem here has been instrumental in sharpening our focus and fostering creativity, thanks to its conducive and business-friendly environment.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering a Landing Pad membership?
I strongly advise businesses at any stage, from startups to established enterprises, to consider a Landing Pad membership. It's an environment designed to propel businesses to their next level of growth.

What’s next for Gems Hygiene?
As we step into a new phase, our goal is to maintain our current trajectory, continuously striving for excellence in every aspect of our business.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?
I was a recently a contender on the BBC reboot of Gladiators which, interestingly, was filmed at the Utilita Arena Sheffield also located at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park. It was a fantastic experience and one I will be eternally grateful for.