Serviced offices explained: How to find the right solution

Today, an office doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. It can be, some businesses still want the security of a long lease. But to many businesses, the flexibility offered by the various office solutions on offer are a breath of fresh air.

Finding the right office space depends on the needs of each individual business. Some have a workforce that grows and shrinks over time, while others need a space for people to come together just a few times a week, or a temporary touch-down space close to their supply chain – why leave an office empty the rest of the time?

Whatever your business needs, Blueprint has you covered. Here’s a breakdown of each of our solutions, to help you find the right option for you.

Private office
Yes, it’s still possible to have a private office in a serviced office space. This is a dedicated space, with a door to close, big enough to house your team, but includes access to all the building’s shared amenities and kitchen areas.

This option is still flexible, however. A business can move between offices as the need arises – perhaps the business is expanding or relocating team members elsewhere. There’s no need to make a long-term commitment when flexibility is an option.

Coworking desk(s)
This option particularly suits smaller teams or individuals keen for a dedicated desk, but within a shared environment. Perhaps you don’t want to work at home or would like the chance to share ideas with like-minded individuals. With this option, the desk is yours to use as you need it.

Opting for a co-working desk also brings several benefits, such as access to all shared amenities, an optional call answering facility or postal address and discounted rates on meeting room hire. The building can act as your own personal office, but with the benefit of shared costs and a community.

A day pass
If you don’t need an office every day, this is the right solution. Perhaps you’re in the area for a set amount of time, or you’re looking for somewhere to work just a few days of the week or month. We offer the option to enjoy our serviced offices, but with no commitment to come every day.

This solution will provide an office for a day and with it comes access to all shared amenities, as well as discounted meeting room hire. It’s all ready and waiting, when you need it.

Of course, we also offer people the chance to just book our meeting rooms. They’re all fully equipped with plasma screens and flip charts, as well as optional catering, ready for those occasions when you need a space to meet.

Space for all
At Blueprint, we offer a range of spaces to suit a variety of individual requirements; from secure, private office suites for when you need those quiet moments of calm, to hot desks, co-working desks and breakout areas when you need a more dynamic environment.

Our venues also have a welcoming, light and airy atmosphere, with a strong focus on community and collaboration leaving you free to concentrate on being the best version of yourself.

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