The mental health benefits of being in the office

The pandemic created a complete mindset change of how we view the workspace – several times. At first, the forced need to work from home was welcomed by some people. They enjoyed the reduced commute time as well as the comforts of home. But after a while, people realised that going to a dedicated place of work brings benefits that cannot be realised at home.

We are now at the point that many people are finding a balance between working at home, working in a permanent office and working in more flexible space. Although many people are still figuring out the right combination for them, there’s no doubt that spending at least some work time in an office boosts mental health. Here’s why.

The need to work together
We all need time and space to concentrate on our own work, but most professions involve working with other people – colleagues, clients or even consultants. Whatever people’s role, spending time together is vital to building relationships.

It’s also fun and more productive. People collaborate better when they are in the same room, which boosts everyone’s mental health.

The need to socialise
Working aside, we all know that spending time with other people is important. Humans are sociable creatures and spending a day at home alone can quite quickly create loneliness and stifle creativity. A video call is no replacement for human interaction.

A serviced office can offer spaces for concentration, as well as spaces to socialise. We hold events to foster a community and our coworking solution is geared towards bringing like-minded people together.

Build a routine
Not everyone wants a routine, but some people do. When the national lockdowns arrived, these people missed the boundary and, indeed, headspace between work life and home life that is created by a daily commute and physical movement.

Going to an office can recreate that boundary and create a sense of routine that boosts productivity. If you have somewhere to go, this will give a defined time to get work done that many people find supports their ability to be productive.

A place to take breaks, without home distractions
When we work from home, it’s very easy to fill a break with home chores, such as the laundry or online food shopping. But a break from work should be just that – a pause with no to-do list that gives minds a time to rest.

Taking a break from work is proven to be beneficial, yet not enough people make time for it. Working in a serviced office space will give access to breakout spaces and kitchen areas that encourage people to take a breath, make a hot drink and return to their desk feeling refreshed and ready to do their best work.

Space for all
At Blueprint, we offer a range of spaces to suit a variety of individual requirements; from secure, private office suites for when you need those quiet moments of calm, to hot desks, co-working desks and breakout areas when you need a more dynamic environment.

Our venues also have a welcoming, light and airy atmosphere, with a strong focus on community and collaboration leaving you free to concentrate on being the best version of yourself.

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